Lecturer in the following courses:

  • 01605: Mathematical Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic and Complex Systems
  • 02417: Time Series Analysis (Tidsrækkeanalyse)
  • 02424: Advanced Dataanalysis and Statistical Modelling (Videregående dataanalyse og statistisk modellering)
  • 02425: Diffusions and stochastic differential equations (Diffusioner og stokastiske differentialligninger)
  • 02427: Advanced Time Series Analysis (Videregående tidsrækkeanalyse)
  • 02433: Hidden Markov models (Skjulte Markov modeller)
  • 02581: Computational Data Analysis.
  • 12342: Uncertainty and Variability in Hydrologic Applications (Usikkerhed og variabilitet i hydrologiske anvendelser)